Who we are?

About Us

       USWA, United Social Welfare Association is a registered Non-Government, not-for-profit, non-political, voluntary humanitarian organization established in 2017 at Dighirpar Haturia, Bagnan, Howrah, which works for the general well-being and development of rural society in and around the area. We are striving to ensure that rural people realize their unique potential, gain self-respect in preserving their heritage-culture and creativity.

      Education is one of our top priorities. In the field of education, we have established ‘USWA Elementary School of Art Craft and Design’. ‘USWA Sports and Skill Development Institute’ is another initiative of ours in this regard. We are running ‘USWA H.S. Nurture’, an alternative support center for high school students. We have organized board exam preparation seminars for the students of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

       We have taken various awareness drive programs for the general development of rural communities. In the outbreak of corona epidemic virus we have spread awareness among the citizens and we have distributed masks, hand washes and sanitizers.

        We have conducted various social issues such as voluntary blood donation awareness drive, health drive and other social drives. Conducted parent consultation meeting, ‘Happy Parenting’. We are also carrying out publicity and public awareness programs on social media as well.

        We are also continuing our other humanitarian work and extending a helping hand to the poor; Distributing festive clothing, providing financial assistance to needy girls at weddings, providing winter clothing gifts. We provide food and shelter to the needy in case of emergency like Amphun, Corona outbreak or any other emergency treatment or in time of natural calamity etc. We have organized blood donation camps in the blood crisis.

       In the field of sports and culture, we have been organizing various sports and cultural events. We are publishing magazines to nurture the literary talents and other creativity of the society. Organizing various competitions and awarding prizes and certificates for preserving and promoting rural talents.

       The environment is a big issue for us. We have carried out tree plantation to fight against global warming, weather changes, water shortage and soil erosion. We have committed ourselves to bring awareness about tree planting, on family and environmental cleanliness and the elements of environmental pollution.

       Thus, USWA, United Social Welfare Association continues to play its role in improving the quality of life of the citizens of the area. Within just a couple of years of its establishment, USWA has taken its place among the voluntary organizations and has been able to play a positive role in instilling a glimmer of hope in the minds of the people. This has been made possible by the combination of the well-known, much adored, transparent and clean hearted bright stars of the area. If our plans are properly implemented in the coming days, this backward area is sure to set a shining example in public welfare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to propagate welfare for the underprivileged in the society with an insistence on slum children, youth, physically and visually challenged, aged, feeble and destitute. We want to make positive impact to every segments of the society. Read more…

Our Vision

United Social Welfare Association (USWA), a philanthropic arm has established in 2017 with a vision “To help underprivileged people of the society “. Read more…