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We need to practice, nurture and preserve our own culture in order to fully develop the mental and physical skills of the students or the following generations and to give the country a civilized and inclusive civil society in the future. With the change of days, it also needs the assimilation and prosperity of new concepts and ideas. And on 12th July, 2020, starts the journey of this wing of our organization, Uswa Elementary School of Art Craft and Design, is to inspire the future generations of the community in that regard.


If we want to live in a beautiful way, we need a healthy strong body. Sports are one of the main ways to keep the body and mind fresh. Today’s children are being forced to stay away from sports; somewhere, due to the pressure of studies. Whereas some other children are found stucked in the mobile game. As a result, mental distortion and inefficiency are rampant. In Bengali, we pronounce the word ‘dhula’ ie dust together with ‘khela’ ie sports. But due to the lack of this ‘dhula’ or dust, the body’s immunity of the children is declining. Even the boys and girls of the present-day villages are also getting sickness for a little cause.
There is no shortage of youths in the country. It is often seen that students are jobless after finishing their studies. They Don’t get work opportunities. On the one hand, in many cases, the scope of employment is becoming very narrow. On the other hand, students also lack skills suitable for the workplaces. With these two issues in mind, the starting of Uswa’s ‘Sports and Skill Development Institute’ came into the existence on the auspicious day of 15th August, 2020.
USWA Sports and Skill Development Institute wants to present the gift of a culture-minded and energetic, enthusiastic youth to the society in the future by making the body-mind of the students healthy and strong. We also wants to make them visionary and to increase their employability with useful information, training and motivation. Uswa, in its limited capacity, wants to nurture the students by enlighting the innate talent-skills-leadership qualities of the students. So that, in the future they can be an entrepreneur or a skilled worker-officer or take part in various levels of work in nation building.
It is very difficult to work with the marginal rural people in this situation but still, Uswa, with its minimum resources stands by the students of the area around with a pure and emphathetic heart. We believe that if the God wills, we will see the small dreams come true one by one through the joint efforts of all of us.


India is the largest functioning democracy in the world. The citizens of the country are the foundation of this democracy and within it lies the entire legal framework of our country. The main purpose of the law is to protect, secure and preserve the lives of all citizens; Preventing the rights of citizens to be violated, harmed or obstructed; Protecting fundamental rights and ensuring the well-being, growth, expansion and development of society and people.
Ensuring that all individuals are able to live successfully and peacefully under the rule of law. That is to achieve the overall welfare of the citizens and the highest progress of the country.But the current situation in our country is completely different. Because of the progress of India’s legal framework; Ignorance and lack of awareness about existing laws and the presence of various obstacles for citizens to seek redress in the legal system. As a result, the desired progress of our country and society has been hampered and the problems like child labor, human trafficking, sexual harassment in the workplace, human rights and public interest, violation of consumer interest, etc. are increasing in the society. That is why Uswa or Howrah Haturia United Social Welfare Association, regularly runs “legal literacy and awareness” programs.
Legal literacy is the key to the survival of our constitutional democracy. Our entire judicial system works with the idea that all people are aware of their rights and are able to reach out to the relevant institutions. Empowering people in matters related to law, to promote legal awareness, participate in law and policy making, and assist in the rule of law. Provide basic knowledge about law and information about legal processes and public awareness.This initiative of Uswa is very important to spread legal literacy and awareness among the rural people. We urge all concerned to take part in this pious initiative like other initiatives of Uswa and reach out to the people and make this plan a success and move forward to the desired success of the country.


Parents have an important role to play in improving students’ learning. Uswa is definitely stretching force towards that. Meetings, exchange of views, explanations, awareness camps and counseling are conducted with parents to find out the reasons for absenteeism or irregularity in school. We do parental assistance and cooperation in school admissions. The importance of continuing study is explained regularly to the guardians in detail by our experts.


One of the initiatives of USWA is to run computer literacy to connect the marginal villages of Bengal with the present digital India. Our initiative is to spread awareness about computer, its requirements and general usage. Basic hardware, networking, applications and high school level computer subjects are taught hand-to-hand with students and enthusiastic adults.


Our life coaches have attained the reliance of rural people to enjoy them the fulfillment of life. Our vital wellness professionals help people improve their lives by achieving greater perfection. Life coaches help them improve their family or interpersonal relationships, well-being and daily life.

Students and working rural youths are given personal Career coaching by our experts for their professional development and advancement. This helps to achieve more success in their careers. We help rural people to set their professional goals, help to make their career plans and overcome problems that may come their way . Our Career coaches help people with a wide prospect of career-related goals and present solutions of the issues.


Sometimes interpersonal relationships within rural families or within the same family come under pressure and family members or families feel isolated or neglected. But families can be a source of mutual development, fulfilling enjoyment of life, support, encouragement and love. Our family counseling team has coming forward to help people when there are problems with siblings, parents and children and marital issues. We help people when they are on the verge of divorce or going through divorce or separation.Our trained team plays a non-judicial positive role in resolving the problems faced by the villagers when they are in a conflict or dispute situation. We help the community better communicate, understand others and resolve differences that arise from some situations.


The purpose of Uswa’s high school student support service program USWA HS NURTURE is to increase the number of underprivileged low-income students and first-generation students and to include and retain them in the field of education. We provide the students school level all subject tutoring. We constantly work to improve the reading, writing, listening, speaking skills among the village students. We provide school and course selection assistance and financial aid. Each and individual student are given care in academic and overall matters by this program at Uswa.