Uswa’s Blood Donation Camp 2020 created history.

A donor is registering her name for blood donation

Mr. Srikant Jana, the Headmaster of Haturia Rajendra Primary School, supervised the entire blood donation process. His rich experience in organizing blood donation camps comes in handy in Uswa Blood Donation Camp 2020. Also this year Uswa offers many scholarships. All scholarship certificates are awarded to the students on this day. The names of the recipients were announced by the headmaster. This year a total of 14 scholarships were given to students of different levels. Respected Mr. Momtazul Islam, a Senior Teacher of Kalorah High School (HS) handed over the certificates to the recipients. He advised the attending camp officials and was present the entire time of the blood donation camp and gave his speech to encourage the students. He said, “Uswa has now expanded from a small organization to its various aspects of social welfare. The sacrifice of the organisation’s officials is not less behind this expansion. Uswa officials, has been providing money, labor and brains for the students from their own sacrifices, just as parents sacrifice for their children at home. With the help of an educational story, he explained to the students and presents that all these things will surely inspire them and the students should also study hard with due dignity and responsibility.
There’s thirty willing donors attended the camp with many curious village men and women.

The first-ever blood donation camp in the area was organized by the Howrah Haturia United Social Welfare Association on Sunday, October 11, 2020. Seventy-eight years after the establishment of the Blood Bank of India in Calcutta, in 1942, people of the locality have witnessed this historic event through the Uswa in collaboration with the Blood Bank of Uluberia Sub-Divisional Hospital.

Forty year old Sk Amanul Islam was very happy to donate blood in this blood donation camp organised by Howrah Haturia United Social Welfare Association popularly known as Uswa.He said, “previously, I have donated blood many times in different places. I wish we could have a blood donation camp in our own area! Our area is a minority based low-income area. There has never been any awareness about voluntary blood donation in this area. No initiative ever taken from any part of the society. The people of the area rushed to each other in need of blood, but no one ever thought of getting blood from the blood bank through blood donation. I would like to thank the youths of Uswa, they have taken care of this.Mr. Anubhav Jana, a school teacher from Natibpur village, donated blood at Uswa’s blood donation camp. He said, ‘The management of Uswa’s blood donation camp is of great caliber. No-one would think this is the first camp organised by them. I am satisfied to be able to donate blood in such a blood donation camp ‘. Retired teacher Mr. Sk Shahid turned the page of his memory and said, ‘I have never heard of a blood donation camp in this area. The youths of Uswa must be applauded for organizing a timely blood donation camp. I will always stand by Uswa with any advice and cooperation.

Mr. Sk Santu Ali, a first-time blood donor, said, “The goodwill and pure intension with which they have organized this blood donation camp first-ever in the area has been a great success for all levels of society participated. It is truly unimaginable that a first-time blood donor like me has been inspired to donate blood by Uswa’s expert team. Sk. Mohammad Shakil Ali was the first blood donor from Tentuliapara of Amta Police Station. He said, ‘Blood donation camps are held in many places, but such a great preparation is not seen anywhere. For the last three weeks, Uswa has been carrying out blood donation awareness campaigns in different areas of Bagnan and Amta police stations, especially in remote corners. This had a direct impact on this blood donation camp. This is evidenced by the fact that people are joining the camp from far and wide, wherever Uswa’s campaign has taken place. Among many other blood donors from Amta, Sheikh Mahmudullah was the first blood donor. He said, ‘I have not been able to participate in blood donation for so long due to lack of time. Many thanks to the United Social Welfare Association, Uswa, for giving me such an opportunity. Uswa is the first voluntary organization to work on, to motivate to donate blood in my area. Mr. Akil Hossain Khan came from Nawpara to donate blood. “I applaud the work that Uswa has started and I am with this organization for any humanitarian work like this,” he said. Mr. Sanjay Maity came from Deulty and donated blood. “I have a nursery business,” he said. “In that connection, I have been providing saplings for a long time for the plantation programs of Uswa.. I have been seeing Uswa’s activities for the people. I have seen these people standing by the side of the helpless poor throughout lockdown with their relief works or in various public awareness campaigns. I also feel lucky to be associated with them. Mr. Omar Chowdhury came from Kolkata and donated blood. He lauded their enthusiasm and enthusiasm created by the Uswa in the rural area of ​​Haturia for the first-ever blood donation camp. He promised to stand by the side of Uswa’s youths as before. In this context, Mr. Omar has extended a helping hand to Uswa with medicine and money since the relief activities in Lock Down.

Mr. Siddhanta Ojha donated blood from Memari-Haturia. He came to the camp in the morning and gave great support and good advice. Expressing his desire to participate in any program of Uswa, he said, ‘I have always stepped out my foot for such great work; The blood donation camp under the management of Uswa has been very good, Hopefully others in the area will also be inspired by the United Social Welfare Association to hold such blood donation camps. Needless to say, Uswa’s work has generated a huge response in the area’. In his lecture, Speaking as the chief guest of the camp, Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Ehiya Hossain, a former officer of the famous Bose Institution, said, “All benevolent works in the service of creation will be devoted to the satisfaction of the Creator by sacrificing egotism.”In this context, he referred to the young turks of Uswa engaged in the human welfare. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Sheikh Faraj Ali, the President of the organization, he said that he could feel the revival in the social welfare and public awareness of the new generation after a long gap of about forty years in the eighties. It is pertinent to mention that Mr. Faraj, the President of the organization, despite being in charge of an important responsibility of a world-renowned multinational organization, has been highly praised for his direct involvement in social welfare in the area. Mr. Ehiya gave the message to stand always by the side of this voluntary organisation. Sheikh Sarfaraz Ali, the young Gram Pradhan of Haturia-1 gram panchayat, was present from the beginning of the program. He said, ‘Apart from administration and government agencies, voluntary organizations also have a role to play in human development. For the past few years, Uswa, the United Social Welfare Association, has been playing its important role with integrity and dedication. We have always supported Uswa on behalf of the local administration and will continue to support Uswa in the development of the area.

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